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 Complex Numbers   Math Lite   Summations 
 Cryptography   Matrix   Temperature 
 Dates   Paying Off Loans   Toss Up (Games) 
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     Area(24):  Areas of a variety of shapes→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Area Brick    Area Pyramid  
  Area Circle    Area Rectangle  
  Area Circular Segment    Area Regular Polygon  
  Area Cone    Area Spherical Cap  
  Area Cube    Area Spherical Cap2  
  Area Cylinder    Area Sphere  
  Area Ellipse    Area Spherical Polygon  
  Area Frustum    Area Spherical Triangle  
  Area Lune    Area Square  
  Area Oblate Spheroid    Area Triangle  
  Area Parallelogram    Area Triangle2  
  Area Prolate Spheroid    Area Triangle3  
     Base(5):  Convert input integer into other bases→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Alternate Bases    Hex  
  Base    Octal  
     Basic Math(22):  Basic mathematical functions (see also Math which has the complete list of mathematical MiniApps).→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Base    Log  
  Bit Count    Mod  
  Combinations    Pythagorean  
  Cos    Quadratic Equation  
  Exp    Quadrature  
  Factor    Sin  
  GCD    Solver  
  Integrate    Square Root (Sqrt)  
  LCM    Statistics  
  Linear Equation    Tan  
  Ln    Y = mx+b  
     Colors(3):  Color Comparison MiniApps→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Colors    RGB Display  
     Combinatorics(2):  Get number of combinations and permutations→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Combinations    Permutations  
     Complex Numbers(12):  Basic complex number arithmetic (+,-,*,/), powers→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Complex Add    Complex Power2  
  Complex Division    Complex Roots  
  Complex Exp    Complex Sqrt  
  Complex Ln    Cubic Equation  
  Complex Multiply    Quadratic Equation  
  Complex Power    Quadrature  
     Cryptography(5):  HillCipher() is a simple MiniApp to encipher/decipher messages - supported by 4 matrix manipulation functions→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Hill Cipher    Matrix Save  
  Matrix Delete    Matrix Show  
  Matrix InvMod   
     Dates(12):  Various date computations: Days-Til, Holidays, Days-Between, Easter Date, Day Of Week/Year, ...→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Calendar    Days Between  
  Date/Timer    Days Since  
  Day-of-Week    Days Til  
  Day-of-Year    Easter Date  
  Day-of-Year2    Holiday  
  Days Away    Leap Year  
     Dollars & Sense(12):  A selection of simple financial operations, including Mortgage Payoff Strategies, Rate Computations, Bill Paying, Refinance, ...→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Bill Split    Nominal Rate  
  Effective Rate    Payoff Strategy  
  Future Value    Present Value  
  IRA    Price Per  
  IRA Profile    Refinance  
  Mortgage    Tip  
     Equations(4):  Four basic equation solvers (Linear, Quadratic, Cubic, Quartic)→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Cubic Equation    Quadratic Equation  
  Linear Equation    Quartic Equation  
     Geometry(62):  A variety of simple geometric computations, including Areas, Distances, Volumes, Intersections, ...→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Area Brick    Horizon  
  Area Circle    Horizon2  
  Area Circular Segment    Line  
  Area Cone    Line (3-D)  
  Area Cube    Line Point  
  Area Cylinder    Mid Point  
  Area Ellipse    Mid Point (3-D)  
  Area Frustum    Plane2  
  Area Lune    Plane Equations  
  Area Oblate Spheroid    Plane Line  
  Area Parallelogram    Plane Point  
  Area Prolate Spheroid    Plane Point 2  
  Area Pyramid    Plane Point 3  
  Area Rectangle    Polar  
  Area Regular Polygon    Pythagorean  
  Area Spherical Cap    Regular Polygon  
  Area Spherical Cap2    Regular Polygon2  
  Area Sphere    Sphere4  
  Area Spherical Polygon    Volume Brick  
  Area Spherical Triangle    Volume Cone  
  Area Square    Volume Cube  
  Area Triangle    Volume Cylinder  
  Area Triangle2    Volume Frustum  
  Area Triangle3    Volume Oblate Spheroid  
  Cartesian    Volume Parallelepiped  
  Circle3    Volume Prolate Spheroid  
  Circumference Circle    Volume Pyramid  
  Circumference Ellipse    Volume Spherical Cap  
  Distance    Volume Spherical Cap2  
  Distance Point-Line    Volume Sphere  
  Distance Point-Plane    Y = mx+b  
     GroupData(37):  A series of MiniApps which manipulate groups of values, including vector and matrix operations→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Cross Product    Normalize-2  
  Dot Product    Normalize-3  
  Dot Product 3-D    Statistics  
  Dot Product (Ids)    Sum  
  Geometric Mean    Sum Cubed  
  Harmonic Mean    Sum Inverses  
  Hill Cipher    Sum Inverses Cubed  
  Matrix Copy    Sum Inverses Squared  
  Matrix Delete    Sum Squared  
  Matrix Determinant    Vector Copy  
  Matrix Inverse    Vector Delete  
  Matrix InvMod    Vector Dot Product  
  Matrix Multiply    Vector Matrix Multiply  
  Matrix Multiply (Ids)    Vector Normalize  
  Matrix Save    Vector Save  
  Matrix Show    Vector Show  
  Matrix Transpose    Vector Sort  
  Matrix Vector Multiply    Vector Transpose  
     Health & Fitness(9):  General Health and Fitness computations, including Calories, Workout Heartrates, BMI, Aerobic Points, ...→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Aerobic Points Earned    Heat Index  
  Body Mass Index (BMI)    Race Pace  
  Calories Burned    Race Time  
  Fitness Tests    WindChill  
  Heart Rate   
     IRA(2):  Predict possible future values for an Individual Retirement Account→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  IRA    IRA Profile  
     Integer(22):  Integer Functions, including Bases, Summations, Series, BitCount, Factoring and Factorials, ...→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Alternate Bases    Hex  
  Base    InvMod  
  Binary    IRand  
  Binomial    LCM  
  Binomial Coefficients    Lucas  
  Bit Count    Mod  
  Factor    Octal  
  Factorial    Product  
  Fibonacci    Summation  
  GCD    Sum-N-Cubed  
  G-Series    Sum-N-Squared  
     Intersecting Shapes(16):  Computing the intersections of several shapes with each other→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Intersect: Circle/Circle    Intersect: Sphere/Sphere  
  Intersect: Circle/Line    Intersect: Two 2-D Triangles  
  Intersect: Line/Line    Intersect: Two 3-D Triangles  
  Intersect: Line/Plane    Plane2  
  Intersect: Line/Sphere    Plane Line  
  Intersect: Line/Triangle    Plane Point  
  Intersect: Plane/Plane    Plane Point 2  
  Intersect: Plane/Sphere    Plane Point 3  
     Math(133):  A collection of simple mathematical operations, from Sqrt(), Sin(), Cos() to Vector and Matrix manipuations, Summations, Factors and Factorials→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Acos    LCM  
  Acosh    Linear Equation  
  Alternate Bases    Ln  
  Antilog    Ln1p  
  Arithmetic Last    Log  
  Arithmetic Sum    Log2  
  Asin    Lucas  
  Asinh    Matrix Copy  
  Atan    Matrix Delete  
  Atan2    Matrix Determinant  
  Atanh    Matrix Inverse  
  Base    Matrix InvMod  
  Binary    Matrix Multiply  
  Binomial    Matrix Multiply (Ids)  
  Binomial Coefficients    Matrix Save  
  Binomial: Cumulative Prob    Matrix Show  
  Binomial Probability    Matrix Transpose  
  Bit Count    Matrix Vector Multiply  
  Cartesian    Mod  
  Combinations    Normalize  
  Complex Add    Normalize-2  
  Complex Division    Normalize-3  
  Complex Exp    Octal  
  Complex Ln    Plane2  
  Complex Multiply    Plane Equations  
  Complex Power    Plane Line  
  Complex Power2    Plane Point  
  Complex Roots    Plane Point 2  
  Complex Sqrt    Plane Point 3  
  Cos    Polar  
  Cosh    Pythagorean  
  Cross Product    Quadratic Equation  
  Cube Root    Quadrature  
  Cubic Equation    Quartic Equation  
  Degrees    Radians  
  Dot Product    Rand  
  Dot Product 3-D    Roots  
  Dot Product (Ids)    Sin  
  Erf    Sinh  
  Erfc    Solver  
  Exp    Square Root (Sqrt)  
  Exp - 1    Statistics  
  Factor    Sum  
  Factorial    Sum Cubed  
  Fibonacci    Sum Inverses  
  GCD    Sum Inverses Cubed  
  Geometric Last    Sum Inverses Squared  
  Geometric Mean    SumKxK  
  Geometric Sum    Summation  
  G-Series    Sum-N-Cubed  
  Harmonic Mean    Sum-N-Squared  
  Hex    Sum-of-Powers  
  Integrate    Sum Squared  
  Intersect: Circle/Circle    Tan  
  Intersect: Circle/Line    Tanh  
  Intersect: Line/Line    Unknowns  
  Intersect: Line/Plane    Vector Copy  
  Intersect: Line/Sphere    Vector Delete  
  Intersect: Line/Triangle    Vector Dot Product  
  Intersect: Plane/Plane    Vector Matrix Multiply  
  Intersect: Plane/Sphere    Vector Normalize  
  Intersect: Sphere/Sphere    Vector Save  
  Intersect: Two 2-D Triangles    Vector Show  
  Intersect: Two 3-D Triangles    Vector Sort  
  Inverse    Vector Transpose  
  InvMod    Y = mx+b  
     Math Lite(1):  A selection of frequently-used mathematical functions→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Math 101   
     Matrix(12):  A variety of simple matrix manipulation MiniApps.→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Hill Cipher    Matrix Multiply  
  Matrix Copy    Matrix Multiply (Ids)  
  Matrix Delete    Matrix Save  
  Matrix Determinant    Matrix Show  
  Matrix Inverse    Matrix Transpose  
  Matrix InvMod    Matrix Vector Multiply  
     Paying Off Loans(3):  A variety of payoff implications (including Mortgage payoff strategies, Mortgage profiles/surveys, and Refinancing)→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Mortgage    Refinance  
  Payoff Strategy   
     Physics(28):  A handful of simple Physics computations→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Acceleration    Horizon2  
  Capacitance    Integrate  
  Capacitance (Electrical)    Kelvin  
  Cartesian    Kinetic Energy  
  Celsius    Momentum  
  Centigrade    Ohm's Law  
  Density    Pendulum Period  
  Electrostatic Force    Polar  
  E = mc²    Potential Energy  
  Fahrenheit    Power  
  Force    Quadrature  
  Free Fall    Rankine  
  Gravitational Force    Resistance  
  Horizon    Work  
     Racing(2):  Two simple functions for evaluating training/racing times and pacing→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Race Pace    Race Time  
     Radians/Degrees(2):  Convert angles (Degrees ↔ Radians)→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Degrees    Radians  
     Random Number(2):  Integer and real (pseudo)random values in a range→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  IRand    Rand  
     Record Keeping(1):  Two simple MiniApps for keeping track of recurring events (e.g., daily workouts, various expenses, gas mileage, ...).→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
     Roots(8):  Root computations - Sqrt, Quadratic, Cubic, Quartic, ...→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Complex Roots    Quadratic Equation  
  Complex Sqrt    Quadrature  
  Cube Root    Roots  
  Cubic Equation    Square Root (Sqrt)  
     Series(7):  MiniApps which work on a series of values→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Arithmetic Last    Geometric Sum  
  Arithmetic Sum    G-Series  
  Fibonacci    Lucas  
  Geometric Last   
     Solvers(44):  MiniApps for solving a variety of common computational problems→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Amdahl's Law    Mid Point (3-D)  
  Bill Split    Ohm's Law  
  Capacitance    Plane2  
  Circle3    Plane Line  
  Cross Product    Plane Point  
  Cubic Equation    Plane Point 2  
  Distance    Plane Point 3  
  Distance Point-Line    Price Per  
  Distance Point-Plane    Pythagorean  
  Dot Product    Quadratic Equation  
  E = mc²    Quadrature  
  Force    Quartic Equation  
  GCD    Rates  
  Horizon    Rates2  
  Horizon2    Ratios  
  Integrate    Resistance  
  LCM    Solver  
  Line    Sphere4  
  Line (3-D)    Tangent Circle  
  Linear Equation    Tip  
  Line Point    Unknowns  
  Mid Point    Y = mx+b  
     Stats(5):  Simple statistical functions→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Binomial: Cumulative Prob    Harmonic Mean  
  Binomial Probability    Statistics  
  Geometric Mean   
     Summations(11):  Functions for computing various summations→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Sum    Summation  
  Sum Cubed    Sum-N-Cubed  
  Sum Inverses    Sum-N-Squared  
  Sum Inverses Cubed    Sum-of-Powers  
  Sum Inverses Squared    Sum Squared  
     Temperature(7):  Simple functions for temperature computations, including Windchill→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Celsius    Kelvin  
  Centigrade    Rankine  
  Fahrenheit    WindChill  
  Heat Index   
     Toss Up (Games)(5):  Simulating coin flips, dice, rock-paper-scissors, or a non-intuitive game show→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Coin Flip    Rock-Spock  
  Dice Toss    Three Doors  
     Trig(16):  MiniApps to evaluate trigonometric functions→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Acos    Cosh  
  Acosh    Degrees  
  Asin    Radians  
  Asinh    Sin  
  Atan    Sinh  
  Atan2    Tan  
  Atanh    Tangent Circle  
  Cos    Tanh  
     Trig-Lite(2):  MiniApps for computing collections of commonly-occurring trigonometric functions→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Trig 101    Trig 102  
     Vector(10):  A series of MiniApps which operate on vectors of data→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Matrix Vector Multiply    Vector Normalize  
  Vector Copy    Vector Save  
  Vector Delete    Vector Show  
  Vector Dot Product    Vector Sort  
  Vector Matrix Multiply    Vector Transpose  
     Volume(12):  Volumes of a variety of shapes→ NavGrid       →  (Home)
  Volume Brick    Volume Parallelepiped  
  Volume Cone    Volume Prolate Spheroid  
  Volume Cube    Volume Pyramid  
  Volume Cylinder    Volume Spherical Cap  
  Volume Frustum    Volume Spherical Cap2  
  Volume Oblate Spheroid    Volume Sphere