35 Function Categories

A category is a group of functions which do similar or related things.  The 308 Functions are slotted into 35 categories.  Some Functions appear in multiple categories.

 Area   Integer   Roots 
 Base   Intersect   Series 
 Colors   IRA   Solvers 
 Combinatorics   Logarithm   Special 
 Complex   Math   Statistics 
 Crypto   Matrix   Summation 
 Date   Miscellaneous   Temperature 
 Degrees/Radians   Payoff   Toss-Up 
 Equations   Physics   Trigonometric 
 Health/Fitness   Polygon   Vector 
 Financial   Race   Volume 
 Geometry   Random     

 Funcs Category:  description
 24  Area:  Areas of various shapes 
 5  Base:  Base functions 
 4  Colors:  Color comparisons 
 2  Combinatorics:  Combinations and permutations 
 14  Complex:  Complex numbers 
 5  Crypto:  Cryptanalysis 
 12  Date:  Date manipulation functions 
 2  Degrees/Radians:  Degrees ↔ Radians 
 4  Equations:  Solutions: Linear, Quadratic, Cubic, Quartic equations 
 13  Health/Fitness:  Health & Fitness computations 
 24  Financial:  A variety of financial functions 
 95  Geometry:  Geometric computations 
 38  Integer:  Integer computations 
 16  Intersect:  Intersection of 2-D and 3-D shapes 
 2  IRA:  Individual Retirement Account computations 
 7  Logarithm:  Logarithm functions 
 158  Math:  A variety of mathematical functions 
 12  Matrix:  Matrix operations 
 56  Miscellaneous:  Miscellaneous functions 
 14  Payoff:  Loan payoff strategies 
 34  Physics:  A variety of Physics computations 
 2  Polygon:  Regular polygon computations 
 2  Race:  Race pace and time computations 
 6  Random:  Integer and Real random numbers 
 10  Roots:  Roots functions 
 8  Series:  Series functions 
 68  Solvers:  Solver functions 
 131  Special:  Special functions – only term in expression 
 5  Statistics:  Statistics functions 
 12  Summation:  Summation functions 
 10  Temperature:  Temperature functions 
 4  Toss-Up:  Games of chance 
 22  Trigonometric:  Trigonometric functions 
 30  Vector:  Vector operations 
 12  Volume:  Volumes of various solids