10 Constant Categories

A category is a group of related constants.  The 204 Constants are slotted into 10 categories.  Some Constants appear in multiple categories.

 Conversion   Distance   Physical Constants 
 Date (Months)   Health & Fitness   Pi and e 
 Date (Holidays)   Misc Constants   Root Constants 

 Consts Category:  description
 18  Conversion:  Metric ↔ Imperial constants 
 12  Date (Months):  Months constants 
 31  Date (Holidays):  Holiday constants 
 2  Degrees/Radians:  Conversion constants 
 23  Distance:  Distance constants 
 38  Health & Fitness:  Activity constants 
 12  Misc Constants:  Miscellaneous constants 
 47  Physical Constants:  Physics constants 
 23  Pi and e:  Constants with Pi and e 
 11  Root Constants:  Roots of various values