CrunchJr is a powerful computational engine available for Free (for a limited time) for iPhone, iPad, and iPod/Touch.  It is augmented by a large selection of MiniApps.  Users can employ any of the 250+ MiniApps (Quick-mode), or use the more general interface (PowerUser-mode) to address a very wide variety of computational needs.  PowerUser-mode offers a selection of 300+ functions which can be combined with variables (with multiple values for each) to build a computation.  In addition to the obvious functions (e.g., Sqrt, Sin, Cos, ...), many special functions are available for a wide variety of fields – including Fitness/Health, Financial, Solvers, Integration, Physics, Dates, Geometry, Complex Arithmetic, and some simple Statistics.  These capabilities are supported by a set of 200+ constants, as well as a collection of 150+ helpfiles, tables, and reports (some general, some mathematical/scientific, and some unusual).

Internet access is not required.  The information on this web site is a small subset of the internal documentation in the App.  Click the AppStore icon to visit the iTunes store, or click on an item below to explore further.

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On-the-fly error detection

qbar = (omega–1.73)*(Cos(omega–Sqrt(x+omega/higgs))–(x+PI/2))  

Enter value(s) for  omega, x, higgs:

qbar omega x higgs
    ------    -------    ---    -------  
  1)    –7.124224   5.7    0.4478    43.1 
Mdn   2)    –7.037745   5.7    0.4478    57.8 
  3)    –6.983573   5.7    0.4478    73.11 
  4)    –11.06099   8.31    0.4478    43.1 
  5)    –11.25555   8.31    0.4478    57.8 
Min   6)    –11.38006   8.31    0.4478    73.11 
Max   7)    –3.391345   3     0.4478    43.1 
  8)    –3.403236   3     0.4478    57.8 
  9)    –3.410577   3     0.4478    73.11 

OpCount:    630
CP-Time:    27µsec